1. Since Philippines had no access on us product testing,Im hoping that I will be choose to be given the recently launched iphone x. I also want to experience on how to use latest mobile of apple. Thank you.☺

  2. I really love how u guys made the new iPhone x because that like my wish to have that, but the quality is so pretty n I like how it big and the screen is so pretty too,can I have one

  3. My whole life I wanted a phone. Everyone in my family has a phone.and even everyone at my school. I’m one of many in my school who get’s made fun of for my shoes and not having a phone. I’ve asked for one every Christmas and birthday I’ve had. But no luck. It would be and honor to have a phone that not to many people have. What if something bad happens and I need to call/text someone and I don’t have a phone to call/text someone. If I win the phone I will be in tears. Thankyou😘😘😩

  4. I was really need a phone I hsve a android tablet that barely works, and I was sick on my birthday with the flu. And my parents really dont have the moneto by me a phone and im 13. Getting this phone will make my hole life. And I get builded all the time for not having a phone.And it would really make me happey to win this because I never win theses things. Please pick me.

  5. I really want a iPhone x because it has better graphic and Im tiref of my phone and I think this one would be the best phone

  6. I really want a iPhone has better graphic and Im tiref of my phone and I think this one would be the best phone

  7. Hi I really want the 📱 plz I really want to win so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz get back to me.

  8. It would really ba an honor to have a phone this expensive and has a high qually, if i have this kind phone i will always protect it and if i could have this kind phone i can communicate with my love one easier and their is an emergency i can call them easilly. It would be a wonderful experience to have this kind of phone at hand

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